Delicious is: locally grown & made (mostly) at home

Providing healthy, semi-prepared meals in Duluth’s Central Hillside.


Our mission is to help people residing in Central Hillside access healthy food for themselves and their families. 

Our service helps to alleviate stress around food by helping our customers learn about cooking and nutrition. 

Our service provides tasty, healthy, and affordable meals that are delivered straight to your door! 


To have a community that is comfortable and confident with cooking and has access to all the healthy foods their families want. 


  • Involving families and children in the cooking process and educating them about healthy foods.
  • Not only having healthy food, but food that is affordable and accessible.
  • Promoting sustainable lifestyles and food options through our packaging and food sources.

First Ladies of the Hillside,
Driving Force for Food Forward

The hardworking First Ladies of the Hillside are creating, packaging and delivering fresh, healthy meals to contacted families in Duluth, Minnesota’s Central Hillside. We are determined to create and encourage healthy eating habits and strengthen family relationships through food preparation. Our meals are semi-prepared to help the busy family get to the table together with time for all the other things in life.

First Ladies of the Hillside, it is where we reside. We come from all different backgrounds with beautiful souls! 
We love our children, art, community, and play all the roles! Many faces from worldly places.
We wish to learn, we wish to grow. We love to teach and love to show, what it is that the First Ladies know!
So bring your child, bring your brain, care for the children so we don’t go insane.
Fresh and whole food from the grain. Step by step so it’s not such a strain.
Arts and crafts with many laughs!
First Ladies of the Hillside is where we reside, but not where we remain!


Food Forward Focus

Flat-lay of fresh fruit, vegetables, greens

Seasonal Ingredients

Food Forward intends to keep costs low while ensuring healthy and organically grown produce from local farmers and partnerships.

gloved hand holding a clear glass jar full of chopped broccoli, carrot and cauliflower.

Sustainable Packaging

whenever possible, we are keeping it green.

A blue plate and a red and white napkin on a green table cloth. The plate has two open taco shells with chopped vegetables, beans, a lime slice and a spoon with rice.

Delicious, healthy Recipes

Affordable, accessible, delicious and easy to get to the table! Our recipes will help bring kids into the kitchen!

Our recipes have been tested

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