nine or more mixed race hands stacked one on top of the other with the logo of the Duluth women and children center in white over the top. The logo is a cartoon style drawing of a woman with long hair and words all over her body. She has butterfly wings and roots attaching her to the ground, and she is in profile, kneeling, facing the left looking at a rose she is holding.

Collective Change

A Different Approach

The Duluth Center for Women and Children provides education, outreach, and services focused on providing support for children and families who are living and thriving in Duluth. By developing partnerships within the community, our vision and direction comes from lived experiences.

The foundational principles of our organization focus on the children and families living in Central Hillside with the knowledge that community members have valuable insights and skills that can be further lifted through developing relationships and creating meaningful networks.

The Duluth Center for Women and Children supports people who live in the community to serve as advocates to engage in our vision as well as support program development.

Adult Education

Embracing opportunities for a thriving community

The Duluth Center for Women & Children strives to provide access to entry level and continued education for women and children who are living in our marginalized communities. The center focuses on developing relationships and creating meaningful educational opportunities designed to meet people where they are and provide the support needed for women and children to thrive.

FL active learning

Social Enterprise

Supportive work for women in their communities

The Duluth Center for Women and Children provides resources for women to move from education to opportunities through the development of social enterprise. The vision of the social enterprise is centered on developing financial, physical, and mental health supports for women who are marginalized in our community. By providing opportunities for women to participate using existing skills, work within a flexible schedule, engage in work with others, and gain earning they are able to move forward personally and bring positive change to their community.

Quality Childcare

The lifelong impact of support and education

The Duluth Center for Women and Children supports children and families who live in Duluth’s Central Hillside by providing resources that combine quality care and education. In collaboration with partners in the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Montessori community, DCWC will guide the education and childcare initiatives towards sustainability and expansion. When Montessori principles are applied in the wider context of society, the possibilities are vast and all-encompassing.

Montessori is a child-centered and child-led approach to education that holistically embeds children’s rights. It is an approach designed to support the child’s intellectual, physical, emotional, and social development through active exploration, choice, and independent learning. The aim of the Montessori approach is for the child’s optimal development, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and socially to naturally unfold. It is appropriate for all children, no matter their adversities, providing a prepared environment in which to gain positive experiences and heal.


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