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Living in homelessness is only one of the many issues that young Annie has faced since birth. Her mother’s struggle with addiction, mental illness, and exposure to violence all add to Annie’s heartbreaking story.

Annie’s birth took place during a time when her mother was distracted by addiction, unhealthy relationships, and a traumatic history. Each day was a test for her young mother. Annie spends most of her time in transit (from one living arrangement to another), or in the middle of her mother’s busy day that is often complicated by crime, domestic issues, and mental health episodes.

On one warm spring day, Annie was quietly playing in the lobby of an apartment building her mother found. All of a sudden, Annie’s mother stormed up and whisked her away in a flurry of anger, yelling and swearing the entire time. Her mother screamed obscenities and vowed that they would never return to this building. Annie remained still and quiet during the entire episode.

Later, a report indicated that the incident was a result of Annie’s mother allowing a drug dealer to “trespass” into the apartment complex through a window. The subsequent whirlwind of anger that followed was simply because Annie’s mother was caught breaking housing rules that were established for building and resident safety.

All because her mother chose a dangerous relationship with an abusive drug dealer, Annie is now homeless, again.